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November 01 2019

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Nice, France

ROAM Magazine / The Magazine for the Black Travel Experience

So you love to travel? Do you love to visit new places and experience new cultures? ROAM magazine is for you. ROAM magazine is a bi-monthly digital travel magazine catering to the Black traveler.

“ROAM Magazine” is a bi-monthly digital publication that promotes travel and tourism to the African-American market with direct marketing to the thousands of Black travel enthusiasts on social media. “ROAM Magazine” focuses on international destinations, group travel, romantic getaways, family vacations, eco-travel, exotic lands.

What sets ROAM apart is we are the authority on Black travel trends, we engage our subscribers with expert content, timely coverage of travel news and we also focus on personal stories from a Black travelers perspective.  Through our features and stories our goal is to encourage the reader to embark on their own travel adventures. View the current issue of the ROAM here:

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Judyna Christine

Assoc. Editor/Writer

Judyna was born in Kenya and has been living in and

I’m Emmanuela and I absolutely love traveling which is why I

Hi I’m Lou, a foodie, world-traveller and overall awesome person (or at

Ronnell Perry pursues Black-centered travel experiences throughout Latin America.
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